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Author A.N. Bochkarev

Topical issues of passenger safety in air transportation

May 2019 (287) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

About modern fire safety requirements for maintenance of aircraft at civil airfields

September 2018 (279) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

On measures to ensure safety during ground service of aircraft of civil aviation

June 2018 (276) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

The methods for calculation of some technical parameters at airports that affect provision of aviation and transport safety

April 2017 (262) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

To the question of economy of use of novel transport safety facilities on the objects of civil aviation

January 2017 (259) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

On the question of the choice and operation of the new methods of supervision to meet the requirements imposed on them

February 2015 (236) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

About the tools and technologies for detection of hidden dangerous items during incoming inspection on transport

December 2014 (234) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

The new technical means to detect explosives, the method of their choice and determination of the need to prevent acts of terrorism at the airports

November 2014 (233) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Criterion development of vulnerability assessment in the process of usage of screening technical means

January 2014 (223) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Methods of monitoring and combating against illicit interference in aircraft and transport facilities

November 2013 (221) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Improvement of the process of aviation security systems (ASS) ensuring and the methods for detection of explosive and incendiary objects by radar passengers scanning

July 2013 (217) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

New directions and solutions for aviation security

December 2012 (210) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Complex systems and means of protection from terrorist attacks to civil aircraft

August 2012 (206) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 
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