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Issue of February 2017 (260)

Globalization of transport in the period of confrontation with international terrorism

February 2017 (260) Transport markets K.I. Pluzhnikov  Yu.A. Chuntomova 

Trends of innovation development: interaction of the aviation industry and air transport

February 2017 (260) Transport markets S.A.  Borodulina  U.U. Mihalchevsky 

Combinatorial auction of the train dispatching priorities to increase reinvestments into infrastructure bottlenecks

February 2017 (260) Management and regulation V.A. Voznesenskiy 

Execution control of the ship’s sailing schedule applicable to the concept of navigation remote control

February 2017 (260) Management and regulation N.M. Kobets 

The problems and the prospects of organization of the passenger transport in the city of Vladimir and Vladimir region

February 2017 (260) City transport A.A. Smirnov  R.V. Nuzhdin 

Concerning determination of the causes of collision with a pedestrian and increase of safety in the period of darkness by introducing the changes into the transport legislation

February 2017 (260) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  V.A. Zelikov 

Mashka. I want the swans to be alive

February 2017 (260) TRANSPORT SAFETY E.R.  Gershevsky 

A.V. Kreynin has left us

February 2017 (260) Events and memorable dates G.E. Davydov 

On the path of the least resistance (Comment of Elena Ushkova ("RZD-Partner") from January, 17, 2017)

February 2017 (260) Information

Freight turnover of the seaports of Russia in January – December 2016 (Press-release of Association of marine trade ports from January, 13 2017)

February 2017 (260) Information

The industrial railwaymen and engineers focus their attention on the questions of renewal of the shunting locomotives (Press-release of NP “Union of Manufacturers of Railway Equipment”from 24 November and 29 December, 2016)

February 2017 (260) Information

SCAUT" presents a new tool to reduce accidents in the car fleets (Press-Release GC "SCAUT" from December 08, 2016)

February 2017 (260) Information

The Committee NP "Union of Manufacturers of Railway Equipment" on exports and innovations has discussed the measures of the state support for export of railway engineering products (Press-release of NP “Union of Manufacturers of Railway Equipment” from January, 23, 2017)

February 2017 (260) Information

In the Moscow region the second stage of reconstruction of the federal highway M-9 "Baltic" has completed (Press-release of FPI "Tsentravtomagistral" from December 30, 2016)

February 2017 (260) Information

Events in the market of auto insurance (some Press-release of All-Russian Union of Insurers and the Russian Union of Auto Insurers from November and December 2016 and January 2017)

February 2017 (260) Information
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