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Issue of August 2017 (266)

The methods to make up a freight train on the ways of industrial enterprises with the wagons of various operators

August 2017 (266) Transport markets A.D. Sirazetdinova  S.A. Zolotarev 

Increasing the efficiency of road transport by reducing the costs for supporting processes

August 2017 (266) Economics E.M. Antropova  K.A.  Davydov  M.V. Gryaznov 

Modernization of motorcycles brand “IZH”

August 2017 (266) Technical exploitation of transport A.N.  Borisenko  A.V.  Oleinikov  S.A.  Baumgertner 

« The Private Office of a Driver» as a way to improve road safety

August 2017 (266) Transport safety A.G. Kulakovа  E.M.  Drobysheva  V.S. Goryushinskij 

Economic efficiency of measures to reduce damage caused by road traffic accidents in passenger transport

August 2017 (266) Transport safety E.V.  Tishkina  I.N. Lavrikov  M.S.  Dubovitsky 

Theoretical and methodological guidelines for research and solution of the problems concerning the urban transport system development management

August 2017 (266) Science and education on transport A.E.  Aukhadeev  R.S. Litvinenko  Yu.A.  Rilov 

Memory of N.N. Gromov

August 2017 (266) Events and memorable dates

Freight turnover of the seaports of Russia in January-June 2017 (Press release of the Association of Sea Commercial Ports of Jule 13, 2017)

August 2017 (266) Information

International Forum "Strategic Partnership 1520": the state of the market of freight rolling stock (Press release of the NP UREM of June 09, 2017)

August 2017 (266) Information

In the Expert Institute of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" took place the second meeting of the Seminar "Economy of Railway Transport" (Publication on the web site of the Expert Institute of National Research University" Higher School of Economics", June 29, 2017)

August 2017 (266) Information

The II Specialized Exhibition and Transport Forum in Ufa - September 27 - 29, 2017 (Transport Systems, Special Vehicles and Equipment) (Press Release of the Bashkir Exhibition Company of June 5, 2017)

August 2017 (266) Information

The route "Moscow - St. Petersburg" will be provided with the refueling infrastructure (Press release of Gazprom Gas-powered Fuel LLC of June 23, 2017)

August 2017 (266) Information

In August 3-4, 2017 in Moscow, takes place the jubilee V International Eurasian Forum "TAXI" (Information is formed on the basis of press releases and information materials of the V International Eurasian Taxi Forum)

August 2017 (266) Information
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