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National Association of Transporters

The National Association of Transporters is one of the leading research and expert organizations of the transport industry, acting in the field of competition development in the railway transport, formation and state regulation of transport tariffs, legal regulation of transporters’ interactions during the transportation process, design and implementation of the development projects of railway organizations.

The National Association of Transporters participated in the development and negotiation, in the State Duma, of the projects of federal laws on railway transport (‘Transport statute of railways of the Russian Federation’, ‘On Railway Transport in the Russian Federation’, ‘Railway transport statute of the Russian Federation’, ‘On the features of management and disposal of the railway transport property’, FL-503 on 31.12.2014, a document the substantial amendments in Railway transport statute of the Russian Federation were made according to); in preparation of the Russian Federation Government documents on structural reform of the railway transport (Russian Federation Government regulations #448 on 15.05.1998; #61 on 19.01.1999; #384 on 18.05.2001; #703 on 20.11.2003; #710 on 25.11.2003; #626 on 25.07.2013).

Tariff Congresses have been renewed in 1998 on the initiative of the National Association of Transporters.The Association helped to develop actual tariff guidelines (Price-current 10-01 (Tariff Guideline #1), Tariff Guideline #2, Tariff Guideline #3).

Upon request of federal executive authorities, the National Association of Transporters has developed and published the following documents during the last decade, which have been put into practice:

  • Legal, organizational and tariff mechanisms of interaction of independent transporters and owners of the railway infrastructure of common use (2003 — 2005).
  • Segmentation methods for services market on the railway transport, as well as localization criteria for scopes of natural monopolies within the specified segments (2007).
  • Methodology for the development and application of Unified technological processes of interaction between railway infrastructures of common and non-common use, with regard to the current working conditions of the transport branch (2008).
  • Methods to organize cargo railway transportation at the regulated tariffs when a transporter, who is the subject of natural monopoly, uses the cars of various belonging (2009).
  • Methods to evaluate (monitor) the balance of supply and demand on the segments of cargo railway transportation market (2010).
  • Methods to develop competition in the cargo railway transportation market under the conditions of operation of commercial infrastructure objects (2011).
  • The program to create the commercial infrastructure of the cargo railway transportation market (2012).
  • A comparative analysis of the competition development on the railway transportation markets in the EU, the SES, as well as in other OECD and CIS countries (2013).
  • Regulatory and legal conditions for the competition development in the cargo railway transportation market in the segment of the regular cargo traffic and passenger railway transportation (2014).

The National Association of Transporters is represented in following federal expert organizations.

  • Public Council of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.
  • Presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.
  • Public Council of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport.
  • Expert Commission of the Ministry of Transport of Russia on technical regulation on rail transport.
  • Expert Council of the Federal Antitrust Service of Russia for railway transport.
  • Expert Council of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia on the issues of state regulation of tariffs for railway transport.
  • Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation for Transport and Forwarding.

The National Association of Transporters is a member of the International Transport Academy.

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