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the Bulletin of Transport Information

The magazine has been in print since 1995. National Association of Transporters (a non-profit organization) has been the publisher of the BTI magazine since 1997 till 2016. Since march 2016, G.E.Davydov is the publisher of BTI. The BTI magazine covers actual issues of Russian transport complex; formation of its legislative and regulatory technical base; development of technology and organization of interaction in transport hubs; maintaining the safety on transport; forming the transport tariffs; establishment of the market of transport and forwarding services; activity of transport associations; development of transport education in Russia; and lots of other topics. (See details about the topics of BTI)
The issues of all major types of transport, such as road, river, sea, air, rail, and industrial transport, are covered in the BTI publications. Considerable attention is given to the issues of training the specialists for the transport enterprises. Some BTI publications have served as the basis for the formation of new disciplines taught in transport higher schools. Many authors who had published the results of their research with the BTI, have successfully done their thesis for a Doctor’s degree later on, in particular, Ju.N. Andreev, Е.A. Gagarskij, G.E. Davydov, P.V. Kurenkov, S.V. Miloslavskaja, K.I. Pluzhnikov, T.A. Prokofjeva, and Ju.A. Harlamova. There are dozens of the BTI authors who are successful candidates for a PhD degree.

The BTI Editorial Board consists of prominent scientists of the transport industry and teachers of higher education (Е.A. Gagarskij, N.N.Gromov, A.V. Krejnin, S.V. Miloslavskaja,V.A. Persianov, K.I. Pluzhnikov), top managers of large transport enterprises (A. I. Kukushkin, G. S. Lapunov ), top managers of federal authorities of executive power (A.N. Golomolzin) and self-regulatory organizations of the transport industry (A.A. Isaeva), and leading specialists of transport press and research institutes (A.V. Streltsov, V.I. Tiverovskij).

Since 2008, BTI is included in the list of periodicals recommended by the Higher Certification Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for publication of the main results of dissertation research for the ‘transport’ group of specialties. The BTI is a registered media (registration certificate of the State Committee for the Press #013104, issued on 06.12.1994, reissued due to change of founders on 09.07.1997).

Printed version of the BTI is published on 40 A4 pages. 30-35 of them contain scientific articles designed according to the requirements of Russian Ministry of Education and Science. One issue of the BTI contains 5-6 scientific articles on average.

Besides that, 5-10 pages of the magazine contain diverse transport information: official materials of the authorities; reports of the transport and adjacent industries SROs, associations, and unions; press releases of transport, road-construction, insurance, research organizations and universities; and statistical data of Rosstat and federal authorities of executive power on transport. Advertisements are usually placed on the 4th page of the magazine’s cover. The BTI enjoys preferential taxation (10% VAT), as a periodical with an advertising share of less than 35%.

In 2015, the BTI celebrated its 20th anniversary. The first issue of the magazine has been released in July 1995.

The BTI is issued monthly; 12 issues a year.

The full list of the BTI topics is shown on the magazine’s website, The most of scientific publications in the BTI (according to classification of E-Library website) belong to the following topics: Transport; Economics, Economic sciences; State and Law, Legal science; Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to publication in the BTI, scientific articles are reviewed. Reviews are stored at the BTI editorial office.

The BTI is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (Contract #27-01/09g on 14.01.2009). Bibliographical information on all scientific articles of each BTI issue (list of the authors with their academic, work and contact data, the title of the article, article’s UDC, abstract, keywords, references) are sent to the RISC as the articles are published.

The BTI is assigned the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2072-8115.

You can subscribe to the BTI right on the website, on the subscription page.

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