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Topic "Transport safety"

Decrease in economic losses from road traffic accidents in automobile passenger transport

June 2020 (300) Transport safety A.A. Miloserdova  I.N. Lavrikov  M.L. Kirilov 

Modern requirements for flight safety in the process of commercial aircraft loading

April 2020 (298) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Methodological features of assessment of social and economic damage from the road accidents with victims

December 2019 (294) Transport safety I.N. Lavrikov 

Risks assessment, connected with maneuvering of vessels, to solve the problems of movement of large tankers to Conventional buoyage mooring (spider system - CBM

November 2019 (293) Transport safety A.V.  Mironov  A.V. Matokhin 

Performance analysis of ballast water treatment systems on tankers: difficulties, their solutions, power consumption, maintenance

October 2019 (292) Transport safety A.V.  Mironov  A.V. Matokhin 

Identification of actions of participants involved in the pedestrian collision in the dark when investigation and examination of the incident takes place

September 2019 (291) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  V.A. Zelikov 

Topical issues of passenger safety in air transportation

May 2019 (287) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Methodology for determining the economic losses caused by road traffic accidents with victims

April 2019 (286) Transport safety I.N. Lavrikov 

Ensuring safe delivery of liquefied hydrocarbon gases by rail

March 2019 (285) Transport safety A.V. Streltsov  I.Ya.  Vishnivetskiy  P.V.  Tomm 

On the Improvement of the Road Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation

February 2019 (284) Transport safety E.V.  Shatalov  G.A. Denisov  V.A. Zelikov 

The features of oil cargo transportation to the island of Guam

November 2018 (281) Transport safety A.V. Matokhin  I.V. Kiseleva 

About modern fire safety requirements for maintenance of aircraft at civil airfields

September 2018 (279) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Quality Management expertise on Road traffic accidents

July 2018 (277) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  V.A. Zelikov 

On measures to ensure safety during ground service of aircraft of civil aviation

June 2018 (276) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Estimation of the influence on the speed of movement of the constant parameters of the plan and profile under different conditions of the road surface

June 2018 (276) Transport safety A.V. Skrypnikov  E.V.  Chernyshova  I.V. Yavlyanskaya  O.V. Ryabova  V.G.  Kozlov 

Economic efficiency of optimization of the high-speed mode on the roads of Russia

May 2018 (275) Transport safety I.N. Lavrikov 

Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of different systems concerning ballast water treatment on double hull vessels

April 2018 (274) Transport safety A.V.  Mironov  A.V. Matokhin 

The system of objective control of a ship in information flow management (part 2)

February 2018 (272) Transport safety A.B. Volodin  N.A.  Vinogradova 

Systems of objective control of the ship: history and prospects (part 1)

January 2018 (271) Transport safety A.B. Volodin  N.A.  Vinogradova 

Economic efficiency of measures to reduce damage caused by road traffic accidents in passenger transport

August 2017 (266) Transport safety E.V.  Tishkina  I.N. Lavrikov  M.S.  Dubovitsky 

« The Private Office of a Driver» as a way to improve road safety

August 2017 (266) Transport safety A.G. Kulakovа  E.M.  Drobysheva  V.S. Goryushinskij 

Risk assessment when maneuvering of very large tankers approaching a Single Point mooring (SPM) or a Storage tanker to solve the problems concerning mooring automation

July 2017 (265) Transport safety A.V.  Mironov  A.V. Matokhin 

The methods for calculation of some technical parameters at airports that affect provision of aviation and transport safety

April 2017 (262) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Improvement of traffic safety on unregulated pedestrian crossings

April 2017 (262) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  V.A. Zelikov 

On some additional concepts to the problems in the Federal target program «Improving of road traffic safety»

march 2017 (261) Transport safety A.Z.  Udzhuchu  I.B.  Akhunova, 

Concerning determination of the causes of collision with a pedestrian and increase of safety in the period of darkness by introducing the changes into the transport legislation

February 2017 (260) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  V.A. Zelikov 

To the question of economy of use of novel transport safety facilities on the objects of civil aviation

January 2017 (259) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev 

Basic approaches to road safety analysis

November 2016 (257) Transport safety M.R. Yakimov 

Estimation of the removal of the car in the automobile-pedestrian accident, when a pedestrian emerges after the passage of following obstacles

August 2016 (254) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  S.A. Yakovlev  V.A. Zelikov 

On improvement of traffic safety in the area of operation of the road signs: "Pedestrian crossing" and "Zebra"

August 2016 (254) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  N.I. Zlobina,  Yu.V. Strukov 

The prediction methodology of a residual life of electromechanical power steering VAZ-21703

July 2016 (253) Transport safety A.A. Smirnov  Il.V. Denisov 

Expert data analysis in determining of quantitative values of vessels excessive proximity zones

July 2016 (253) Transport safety A.V.  Mironov  E.E.. Subanov  R.E.  Subanov 

Navigating of large tankers in ice conditions

July 2016 (253) Transport safety A.V. Matokhin  E.V.  Korotkiy 

The main approaches to the study of safe distance between road users (vehicles)

April 2016 (250) Transport safety M.R. Yakimov 

The management of ships safe operation in the practice of shipping companies

January 2016 (247) Transport safety A.V. Matokhin 

On the question of the choice and operation of the new methods of supervision to meet the requirements imposed on them

February 2015 (236) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

About the tools and technologies for detection of hidden dangerous items during incoming inspection on transport

December 2014 (234) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

The new technical means to detect explosives, the method of their choice and determination of the need to prevent acts of terrorism at the airports

November 2014 (233) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Research of the reliability of the electromechanical amplifier of the car VAZ-21703 steering control and its modifications

October 2014 (232) Transport safety A.A. Smirnov  Il.V. Denisov 

Improvement of reliability of the bearing systems of towed vehic

September 2014 (231) Transport safety D.K. Sysoev  E.V. Slivinskii  T.V. Korchagina  V.A. Korchagin 

Investigation of operational reliability of the electromechanical steering power of a car VAZ-21703 and its modifications

August 2014 (230) Transport safety A.A. Smirnov  Il.V. Denisov 

The complex assessment of the level of transport safety: procedure of carrying out

August 2014 (230) Transport safety R.A. Durnev  S.V. Koleganov 

The complex assessment of the level of transport safety: prerequisites and assumptions

July 2014 (229) Transport safety R.A. Durnev  S.V. Koleganov 

Complex assessment of a level of transport safety: the problem definition and the decision plan

June 2014 (228) Transport safety R.A. Durnev  S.V. Koleganov 

Mathematical support of the risk management process

March 2014 (225) Transport safety A.V. Matokhin 

Management of a safe ship running exercised in the practice of shipping companies

February 2014 (224) Transport safety A.V. Matokhin 

Criterion development of vulnerability assessment in the process of usage of screening technical means

January 2014 (223) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Methods of monitoring and combating against illicit interference in aircraft and transport facilities

November 2013 (221) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Software for the research of auto-pedestrian accident

October 2013 (220) Transport safety G.A. Denisov  R.A. Spodarev  V.A. Zelikov  V.P. Belokurov 

Improvement of the process of aviation security systems (ASS) ensuring and the methods for detection of explosive and incendiary objects by radar passengers scanning

July 2013 (217) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

Formalization of the International rules for preventing collision at sea with the aid of logical systems

June 2013 (216) Transport safety N.A. Sedova 

Increase of efficiency in the use of motor transport due to introduction of device, eliminating the stacking of links of articulated lorries

May 2013 (215) Transport safety D.K. Sysoev  E.V. Slivinskii  S.A. Lyapin  V.A. Korchagin 

About the running-down accident survey at low speed values of a vehicle

February 2013 (212) Transport safety G.A. Denisov 

New approach in reliability analysis of technical means of training simulator systems with final or infinite number of states

December 2012 (210) Transport safety A.L. Boran-Keshishyan 

New directions and solutions for aviation security

December 2012 (210) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

New possibility-probability model of structural reliability of the training simulation systems ergatic elements

October 2012 (208) Transport safety A.L. Boran-Keshishyan 

Complex systems and means of protection from terrorist attacks to civil aircraft

August 2012 (206) Transport safety A.N. Bochkarev  I.A. Bochkarev 

The state port control (supervision) of trading navigation in Russia (genesis, formation and development)

July 2012 (205) Transport safety A.M. Skrynnik 

Location of automobile (car) from the place of collision with pedestrian who came out of the oncoming vehicle

March 2012 (201) Transport safety G.A. Denisov 

Increasing efficiency of decision-making in organization of traffic-control units of Russian Interior Ministry traffic police.

March 2012 (201) Transport safety D.V. Likhachev  O.V. Bagrintseva  S.V. Belokurov  V.P. Belokurov 

Estimation of the vehicle roadholding ability during the brake test of the service brake system

December 2011 (198) Transport safety N.N. Kataev 

The basic principles of maintaining the stability of the damaged ships after collision

November 2011 (197) Transport safety A.A. Ershov 

Safe grounding as a way to save the ship during way the accident

September 2011 (195) Transport safety A.A. Ershov 

Reliability criteria of an operator – a human being , depending on the human factor in the crew-aircraft system.

August 2011 (194) Transport safety A.M. Durkin 

Improving road safety of heavy trucks

April 2011 (190) Transport safety E.V. Slivinskii  V.A. Korchagin  Yu.N. Rizaeva 

Training improvement of flight crews

March 2011 (189) Transport safety A.M. Durkin 

Analysis of topicality of the flight maps when flying in the lower airspace

February 2011 (188) Transport safety A.M. Durkin 

Analysis of aircraft accidents and measures to avoid them

November 2010 (185) Transport safety A.M. Durkin 

Decision of problems associated with ensuring of flight safety in civil aviation

September 2009 (171) Transport safety G.S. Dugin 

Принципы моделирования и формирования системы экономической безопасности внутреннего водного транспорта

August 2008 (158) Transport safety A.V. Fedyushin  N.A. Efremov  V.N. Kostrov 

Национальная безопасность и функции железнодорожного комплекса в ее обеспечении

December 2007 (150) Transport safety Yu. A. Kharlamova 

Опасная безопасность

May 2005 (119) Transport safety M.A. Eremin 

Показатели для оценки соответствия эксплуатантов гражданской авиации обязательным требованиям

May 2002 (83) Transport safety B.K. Dzhantasov  E.P. Kholin 

О формировании системы экономической безопасности гражданской авиации

May 2002 (83) Transport safety G.V. Roj  N.N. Gromov 

Уровень безопасности различных видов транспорта России в 1992-1998 гг

July 2001 (73) Transport safety P.V. Olyanyuk  V.P. Olyanyuk 

Обеспечение безопасности движения на железнодорожном транспорте

July 2000 (61) Transport safety V.S. Klimanov 

Об организации работы по обеспечению безопасности движения на железнодорожном транспорте

March 2000 (57) Transport safety V.S. Klimanov 

Требования к таре и упаковке для перевозок взрывчатых грузов

December 1999 (54) Transport safety B.N. Nifontov 

Системы контроля пассажиров и багажа в аэропортах

August 1999 (50) Transport safety V.I. Nozdrin 

Технические аспекты перевозки опасных грузов

March 1999 (45) Transport safety B.N. Nifontov 

Организационное и правовое обеспечение перевозок опасных грузов

January 1999 (43) Transport safety B.N. Nifontov 

ГАИ и ГИБДД -не одно и то же

October 1998 (40) Transport safety V.A. Pozdnyakov 

Безопасность судоходства на реках России

April 1998 (34) Transport safety L.P. Ryzhova 
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