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Georgy E. Davydov

Publisher and Editor-in-chief
the Bulletin of Transport Information

G.E. Davydov

The President of National Association of Transporters, Georgy E. Davydov is the editor-in-chief (since 2013) and publisher (since 2016) of «The Bulletin of Transport Information» magazine. G.E. Davydov has joined the editorial board of the BTI in 1998. From 2000 till 2013, as the President of NAAT (the publisher of BTI at those years) he was the Head of the editorial office of BTI. According to the Registration Certificate of BTI (ПИ № ФС77-65107, issued 18.03.2016 by Roskonnadzor), G.E. Davydov is the publisher (founder) of «The Bulletin of Transport Information» magazine since march 2016.

In 1967, G.E. Davydov entered the Electronics and Calculating Technics faculty of the Moscow Forest Engineering Institute (now Space Department of the Mytishchi branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University). He graduated in 1953 with specialization in Automatics and telemechanics.

G.E. Davydov is a renowned Russian expert in the field of foundation and operation of the transport services’ markets, technological and commercial interaction between transport organizations and the consumers of their services, as well as in the field of state regulation on transport. He was awarded by the certificates of honor of Russian Ministry of Transport, Federal Antitrust Service, and has received the gratitude of Minister of Transport of Russian Federation. G.E.Davydov has the title of Honorary Transport Employee of Russia and Honorary Employee of Industrial Transport.

The record of G.E.Davydov includes 12 years of scientific work in the Transport Economics Department of the Forest Industry Economics Institute, the part of the Ministry of Forest Industry of the USSR (NIPIEIlesprom JSC nowadays), including 4 years (from 1989 till 1993) of managing this department.

G.E.Davydov worked for 25 years, from 1984 till 2009 in Moscow State Forest University (Moscow Forest Engineering Institute till 1993; now Mytishi branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University) as an Assistant Professor, since 1998 as Professor of the Department of Economics and Manufacturing Industries.

In 1993 — 1995, G.E.Davydov has been the CEO’s advisor at Metallurgtrans JSC simultaneously with teaching work at Moscow State Forest University. He has substantiated the necessity of the foundation of a cross-industry association of transport services’ consumers. In 1995, a number of large companies of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, construction industry, agricultural chemistry, wood chemistry, cross-sectoral industrial railway transport, and transport engineering has founded the Association of transport services’ consumers (GRASSO). In 1995 — 2003, G.E.Davydov, while working at Moscow State Forest University, has been the Executive Director of GRASSO.

In 1997, the management of GRASSO and the National Association of Transporters (NAAT) have made a decision to create a joint directorate of these two associations. G.E.Davydov has been made the Head of the new directorate and has become Vice President of NAAT. He has been elected as President of NAAT in 2001, 2006, and 2011.

Among many other areas of work, G.E.Davydov pays constant attention to the maintenance of publishing the BTI, and to defining the editorial policy of the magazine. He has engaged the prominent scientists and transport experts as well as teachers of higher education into the collaboration in BTI Editorial board, and has formed a robust list of regular authors. There are practitioners among them, together with famous transport scientists and employees of federal authority of executive power. Under the leadership of G.E.Davydov, the BTI has been transformed from the ‘information-and-practice’ magazine into the ‘science-and-production’ magazine, and is being published that way nowadays.

G.E. Davydov has a number of academic degrees and titles: PhD of Economics (1983), Associate Professor (1987), Full PhD (Doctor of Economics) (1998), Professor (2000), Member of International Transport Academy (1998), and Member of Russian Transport Academy (2003). He wrote more than 400 scientific papers; 331 of them are published, while 74 are the reports about scientific research performed under the supervision of G.E. Davydov and with his direct participation.

Since 2018, G.E. Davydov is also Professor of the Department of logistics and management of trasport systems in Russian University of Transport, (RUT-MIIT).

Being a transport expert, G.E. Davydov performs huge professional and social work as

  • Member of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation for Transport and Forwarding;
  • Member of the Coordinating Council of SRO «Promzheldortrans»;

Articles of G.E.Davydov as the author of BTI magazine

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